ABCS, Inc. is primarily a stone and masonry contractor supply company.  
The skeletal structure of concrete is steel reinforcement rod; hence, the
metal working of cutting and bending the "rebar" is answered by hand and
electric/hydraulic machines.  

We are a 3rd generation, masonry oriented, building supply store. We are
open Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 4pm, and Saturday from 8am to Noon
to serve the building trade. For our local clients, we have stone, sand,
cement and mortar mixes and mixers, concrete, pumps, power trowels,
tampers, rebar benders, rebar cutters, steel fireplace inserts, grates, floats,
jointers, hand trowels, and diamond cutting products.

Our Roc-Lite line of stone mason's hammers and chisels are of
world-renowned, European quality. We have manufactured and distributed
this first-class line since 1966.

Associated companies such as Rose, Marshalltown, and Roc-Lite have
allowed us to offer more diversified machines and hand tools for the
industrial manufacturing trades for the past  50 years with products
including metal cutting lathes, bandsaws, milling machines, measuring
instruments, cutting tools, abrasives, custom welded bandsaw blades, and

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American Builders Contractor Specialties, Inc.       
801-12 County Line Road, Horsham, PA 19044
Store: (215) 343-8800  Fax: (215) 343-6051
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Your purchases will be shipped upon receipt of your shipping costs and
confirmed payment of your goods.  We will accept shipping costs  via
invoicing  Pay Pal separately to you or a check sent to us.
Please look for our e-mail asking for a reply from you.  Thank you.      
Americian Builder Contractor Specialties.